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A         Experience



I currently practice as a defence lawyer representing clients in traffic and criminal matters that are usually handled in the local courts of NSW, Australia. My practice covers the courts at North Sydney, Manly, Hornsby, Downing Centre (Sydney), Bidura Children's Court (Glebe), Parramatta (children's and local courts). I also represent clients in appeals to higher courts.


I have been a prominent member of the legal profession for over 40 years.  Over that time I gained extensive experience in criminal matters, traffic offences, children's court charges, drug and alcohol offences, appeals from Local Courts and native title matters.


From 1999 to 2007 I sat, at various times, as a Magistrate in the Local Court, Licensing Court and Children’s Court.  That experience is what sets me apart from other solicitors.  I am able to understand, from a unique perspective, how Magistrates work generally, the way they think and the approach taken by individual Magistrates.  That knowledge is invaluable to my clients.  


Prior to my time as a Magistrate, I was appointed as a Public Defender in NSW twice from 1981 to 1994, and again from 1997 to 1999.  A public defender is a barrister who acts for clients who have been charged with serious criminal offences, but who cannot afford legal representation.  I appeared in most courts including Sydney Metropolitan and Northern and Southern Circuits, Appellant and Trial Practice District Court, Supreme Court, CCA and the High Court of Australia.  I spent those 15+ years appearing for financially disadvantaged clients because I strongly believe that all people should have access to affordable justice.


Between 1970 and 1981 I worked privately as a barrister at the NSW Bar, Newcastle Bar, for various Aboriginal Legal Services and Legal Aid.   During that period, I practiced in the NSW Supreme Court, District Court and Courts of Petty Sessions, as well as the ACT Supreme Court and Local Court.  I represented clients in a wide variety of criminal trials including murder/ manslaughter, rape, arson and a hostage case in the ACT. 


From 1967 to 1969, I worked in Papua New Guinea at the Public Solicitor’s Office.  During that time I appeared regularly in the Supreme Court for clients charged with serious crimes.  I defended on average 20 murder charges per year. Notably, I successfully defended Joseph Tovuvu who was charged with the willful murder of District Commissioner Jack Emanuel in Rabaul,Papua New Guinea.




B         Approach to work



My approach to work is simple: (1) I offer the first 30 minute consultation with clients at no charge.  I shall listen to your case and at this consultation I shall advise you of your chances of success and of my charge out rates, and we can both decide where to go from there.   (2) I actively listen to clients concerns and try to work with the client to address those concerns (3) I provide clear, plain English legal advice.  No legal jargon.  (4) My advice is always honest.  (5) My fees are affordable for battlers. (4) My experience on the bench as a Magistrate, as a public defender and as a barrister is invaluable for my clients.




C         History


Public Defence Practice is owned and run by me, Sean Flood as a sole trader.  Our doors opened in july 2009.  Given my unique experience on the bench and as a barrister, I have already managed to attract a variety of clients wanting high quality legal advice at a fair and reasonable rate.  I look forward to helping you with your legal issues.




D         Reputation



Public Defence Practice has a reputation for attention to clients’ needs and charge out rates which are reasonable and affordable.My clients  report satisfaction with the advice they have received and the ultimate court outcome.Public Defence Practice is built on efficient and honest advice with experienced court representation 




E         Affiliations


(1)   Law Society of NSW.

(2)   Former Magistrate of the Local Court, Licensing Court and Children’s Court.

(3)   Former Member of the National Native Title Tribunal.

(4)   NSW Bar.

(5)   Newcastle Bar.



F          Other information



(1)   Completed “Getting to Yes” Negotiation Workshop – (Conflict Management Australasia)

(2)   Completed Harvard Law School Program on Dispute Resolution


Various publications of mine include:


(1)   “The Rule of Law or the Rule of the Mob. After Wik”

Published in “Sharing Country: Land Rights, Human Rights, and Reconciliation after Wik”. Publisher, Research Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Sydney 1997


(2)   “The Spirit of Mabo: The Land Needs the Laughter of Children”

Published in “Spirit and Place: Art in Australia 1861 – 1996” Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney 1996. Also in “Implementing the Native Title Act – The Next Step: Facilitating Negotiated Agreements”, edited by Gary D. Meyer, Native Title Tribunal Perth, 1997


(3)   Application for Determination of Native Title

Published in “Implementing the Native Title Act First Steps; Small Steps” Edited by Gary D Meyer, National Native Title Tribunal Perth, 1996


(4)   “Mabo: A Symbol of Sharing”

Winner of 1994 Xerox Fast Books Award for Best Book of the Year by a Self Publisher.


(5)   “If Walls Could Talk: The McKinney Direction on Disputed Confessions”

Co Author Mark Brabazon, 1992 9 Australian Bar Review 146


(6)   “A New Time Has Come to Us” and “Throwing Some Light on Mabo”

Co Author Adrian Roden, QC Series 2 No. 4 – An Occasional Paper Published by CCJP


(7)   “McKinney on Confessions: If Walls Could Talk” 1991 15 Criminal Law Journal 287





To contact or arrange an interview with Mr. Flood, please phone 0421 665 088, fax 02 9924 6271, e-mail:, or write to us at PO Box 4004 Castlecrag NSW 2068.


29 May 2010